Monday, September 15, 2014

Meaningful Use Audits going back to 2011

We have been getting information from our clients and prospects that CMA is auditing for Meaningful Use not just from the current reporting period, but are going back as far as 2011.

Even if you have applied for and received incentive payments, it dies not mean that you are safe from audits.  You can be audited for previous reporting periods even if you were not audited at the time you received payment.  Also, if you are audited for a recent reporting period, it is very likely that you will be subject to audits for earlier periods, even if you pass the current audit.

The best strategy is to be prepared, and have all of your documentation organized and ready, including, of course, your Risk Analysis for Core Measure 15.

Can your practice pass a CMS Audit?  Can your colleagues?

If not, please contact Systematix Consulting  today to learn more about our affordable and effective
HIPAA-STAT system.

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