Friday, September 26, 2014

New Security Risk - PLEASE READ

The tech wires are buzzing today with news of the "Bash Bug" - a serious security flaw with wide ranging effects and implications.  This new security flaw may allow hackers to access everything from Servers down to internet connected appliances such as disital cameras.  What makes this even more serious is that it can affect most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and even Unix and Linux systems.

What you should do:

This security flaw has only just been discovered.  Many software vendors use the BASH code within their systems, and if you use software that hasn't been patched, you may be affected.  Fixing it will require software vendors repair their systems, and you will need to install the software update to secure your systems.

We strongly recommend that you contact all software vendors and hosting companies and ask A) Is their software/systems vulnerable to the BASH Bug and B) If yes, when do they anticipate them to be patched.

Be sure to document all conversations, and to stay on top of this issue until you are certain that all patchws have been supplied to you and applied to your systems.

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